Three years ago this month my first non-fiction book, Breaking Old Rhythms was released. The book chronicled the journey of my 20s and how through the broken rhythms of going broke, breaking up, and finding my calling I learned how to break my own old rhythms and follow the rhythm of God. I wrote about how watching deejays work, emcees freestyle, and salsa dancers rock the dance floor taught me about the ways of Jesus.

To celebrate Breaking Old Rhythms anniversary, here are three ways you can continue to break your old rhythms and find some new ones:

1. Go to a live music show.

No a Sunday church service doesn’t count. Watching Youtube or Vimeo doesn’t count either. I mean go to a concert in a hole in the wall, in a park, or in an arena. Watch musicians play instruments. Watch a singer riff and adlib. Go to a music show that makes you want to dance. If you must, record a snippet on your phone for Instagram or to show your friends and then put your phone down. Be present. Pay attention to what your soul feels. Live music gets us from behind our screens and reminds us that God, the Ultimate Creator and Creative, invented rhythm, beats, and music the same way God created the leaves, sun and trees.

2. Listen to Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man.

Because it’s one of the FUNKIEST pieces of music EVER. Because the bass line alone makes you want to body roll. Because everybody needs to take advantage of an opportunity to body roll. Because listening to Watermelon Man reminds me of how much the groove of God is missing in our lives. The groove of God is love, peace, justice, listening, and humility. God is always putting down the dopest groove if we would only tune our ears to listen.

3. Eat a biscuit, a cupcake or a donut.

I know you’re trying to watch your carbs. But what better way to watch your carbs then look at them lovingly before you eat them? Yes be healthy. Yes work out. Yes eat kale and swiss chard and roasted brussel sprouts. But sometimes, every now and then, eat a biscuit. No carb shaming. Sometimes life hands you flour, so bake a cupcake or fry some chicken. Sometimes you need a donut or a thin mint to remind you that although life is hard, it’s always full of wonderful moments that deserve to be celebrated.

Writing Breaking Old Rhythms taught me not to depend solely on routine, convenience and comfort. I’m still learning to follow the rhythm of Jesus, to match my life’s melody with his. May we all continue to find our rhythm and when necessary break it.