• Atlanta Symphony Hall (map)
  • 1280 Peachtree St NE
  • Atlanta, GA
  • USA
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Some experiences instantly affect the direction you’re headed. A person articulates the wisdom you needed to hear. A place makes you see the world from a new perspective. A problem becomes personal. These moments in life shape who we are and where we are going. They interrupt our plans and shift our ideas of what’s possible.

What could it look like to let those disruptive moments fuel our work for positive social change?

True change and lasting goodwill are established when courage triumphs over competition, when love for humanity outweighs love for self, and when bold and brave leaders cast disruptive vision for what is possible in changing times.

Turning points - disruptive moments - gift us empathy and instigate our action.

For those of us who deeply value efficiency, productivity and profit –the work is to prioritize compassion. For those of us who value presence, connection and unrelenting empathy –the work is to move beyond feelings to decisive action.

Anything worth doing requires collaboration and change. As a community of start-ups doing good, let’s hold empathy in tension with action in ways that reimagine and remake the world.

Will you join us?