Ep 4 Every Body Is A Gift feat Hilary Yancey

Is it possible to forgive God? Amena and Hilary discuss healing, faith and what happens when life doesn’t happen the way we expect. Hilary talks about her new book Forgiving God and how her journey as the parent of a child with complex physical disabilities taught her about miracles and the gift of the body. To connect with Hilary and find out more about her book, check out http://www.hilaryyancey.com/.

Hilary is an author who examines the significance within moments of everyday life. She explores the challenges and blessings of marriage, motherhood, and a life of faith--and how these are expanded and changed by disability. Hilary is also a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy at Baylor University and lives with her husband, Preston, and two children in Waco, Texas. Her blog can be read at www.hilaryyancey.com.


Show Notes:

Forgiving God: A Story of Faith - Hilary Yancey


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