HER With Amena Brown Episode 7: Body Of The Paragraph featuring Deidra Riggs

Amena talks with blogger, speaker, and author Deidra Riggs, about the craft of writing, the importance of speaking and writing truth to power, as well as a guest appearance from Deidra's dog. :) Deidra shares her journey as an early adopter to blogging and what writing has taught her about the importance of cultivating online and IRL connections. Follow Deidra and learn more about her books and writing at http://www.deidrariggs.com/.

A thought leader and national speaker, Deidra is the author of two books: Every Little Thing: Making a Difference Right Where You Are, and ONE: Unity in a Divided World.


Show Notes:

Deidra's current project: "No More Excuses," a for-profit partnership with organizations, leaders, and ministries (brands) to proactively embrace and proclaim a high value for diversity that becomes organic and is reflected in every aspect of operation, including (but not limited to) their mission statement, leadership, board/s, events, projects, and marketing materials. Contact her at deidradriggs@gmail.com and include "No More Excuses" in the subject line.


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