HER With Amena Brown Episode 10: How To Body An Emcee featuring Mahogany Jones

Amena talks with emcee, activist, and U.S. Music Ambassador, Mahogany Jones, about hip hop and why art and justice are connected. Mahogany shares her story as a battle emcee and how she uses her influence to better the lives of women and girls. For more information about Mahogany Jones visit https://mahoganyjones.com/.

Hip Hop Soul Recording Artist, Arts Educator, U S Musical Ambassador, and recent United Way Brand Ambassador, Mahogany Jones is a proud advocate for women. 

As co-Founder and Director of aPUREmovement, her heart is to shift the paradigm of culture who’s common practice is to devalue the contributions of women, by using media and rallying people together to change the conversation. Her last recording was SugarWater and she is currently working on a new release. 


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