HER With Amena Brown Episode 12: Healing the Body featuring Helen Hale

Amena talks with dancer, curator, and embodiment scholar Helen Hale about how we can learn to listen to our bodies. Helen shares what she’s learning about the healing process, being a full-time artist, and how dance and floral design connect to her to creativity. For more information about Helen Hale visit http://helenhale.com/.

Helen Hale is a dancer, theater maker, embodiment scholar, rogue cultural agent, and relentless pursuer of beauty. Director of Helen Hale Dance, designer of HAVEN Floral Arts, and co-curator at Ginkgo, Helen performs, teaches, decorates homes and events with flowers, brings the people together, and collaborates with artists and activists in the States and abroad. When not in studio- or flower-mode, she can be found sipping something on a porch, likely being feisty, and perpetually longing for the sea.


Show notes:

Helen Hale Dance

HAVEN Floral Arts


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