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Amena talks with her sister, visual artist and author of Afro-feminist coloring book Avie’s Dreams, Makeda Lewis. Makeda shares her creative process and what grounds the art she makes. Amena and Makeda also discuss the tensions between business and making art and Makeda shares why it’s important for community engagement to be a part of art making. Stay tuned until the end to hear Makeda’s unique twist on her nominee for a She Did That Award.

Based out of Atlanta, Makeda Lewis is all hard-softness and imagination. She is an illustration and multimedia artist, primarily working with ink and paper and plexiglass, focusing on themes of isolation, quiet anger, and love. She also works with non-profit and arts organizations to create programming around community engagement with the arts and art history. Feminist Press published her coloring book Avie’s Dreams in 2016. She has been featured on nylon.com, bet.com and various artist/author talks along the east coast. She is 27.

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Show Notes:

Avie’s Dreams

ZuCot Gallery in Atlanta

Damien Hirst

Death Of A Salesman - Arthur Miller

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo - Netflix

Wild Seed - Octavia Butler

Felix Gonzales-Torres

Barbara Kruger

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