How To Fix A Broken Record Episode 5: Lessons In Adulting Featuring Jennifer Chung

In Part 4 of the book How to Fix a Broken Record, Amena writes about the lessons adulting has taught her from the power of saying yes and no, to navigating social media, surviving failure and redefining success.

In this episode, Amena chats with singer/songwriter and YouTube personality, Jennifer Chung whose newest mini album After All is a MUST LISTEN. Check it out as Amena and Jennifer talk about adulting, that YOLO life, what to do when you fail, and the best and worst of social media.


Show Notes:

Voyage To India - India.Arie


About Jennifer

Singer-Songwriter Jennifer Chung was born in Korea and raised in the bay area. Her mother, a dance teacher, her father, a recording artist -- she was always surrounded by the arts through dance and song. The stage was a familiar place as she grew up performing Korean Traditional Dance, singing at talent shows, jazz bands, musical theater, embarking on her YouTube journey by posting her first video in 2007. She went onto receive a B.A in Drama at the University of California, Irvine, and released her first full length album "4 Years & Counting.." (2011) October of this year, Jennifer released her long awaited mini-album "After All" produced by Sam Ock. Her voice is admired for its versatility: theatrical belting strength, soulful-pop textures, and clean control with jazz influences.

Now with over 134,000 subscribers on YouTube, garnering over 38 million views, Jennifer's recognized as one of the pioneers of online music content creators.In 2016, Jennifer was invited to the White House as an online influencer by President Obama's White House Initiative for the AAPI community.

Jennifer currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband, Joules -- a musician, audio-engineer, videographer, and founder of The Futuristic Vintage + Pronounced Footage. They both love Jesus, love music, love to eat all kinds of food together and have their own music project duo: WATS [We Are The Songs].

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Released November 13, 2017.

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