HER With Amena Brown Podcast

Her story. Her voice. In her own words.

HER With Amena Brown is a podcast centered on elevating the voices, stories, and experiences of women. Spoken word poet and author Amena Brown invites her guests to share their successes, mistakes, lessons, laughs, and triumphs around each season’s theme.

Interviews. Conversations. Stories. In her own words.

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How To Fix A Broken Record Podcast

This is my book podcast How to Fix a Broken Record. It's a 10 episode miniseries that covers a topic I wrote about in the book and features some cool guests and interviews.

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Here For The Donuts Podcast


Missi Burgess and Amena Brown love donuts. Missi and Amena are family. They are sisters-in-law. Friends-in-sisters. Sisters-in-friends. Fristers. They also love cupcakes. They love donuts and cupcakes so much they decided to start a podcast expressly for talking about donuts and cupcakes. And how to navigate life's awkward moments and meeting the standards of weird etiquette. Missi and Amena are always here for the donuts but if for some strange and wrong reason there are not donuts they will stay around for the cupcakes.

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