Artist and Entrepreneur

A full-time artist for over 3 years, Amena learned through triumphs, lessons, and hard knocks, that being a full-time artist also means becoming an entrepreneur. In this session, Amena discusses how to turn your creative passion into a vocation, cultivate your craft, setup your business, and make the most of your day job.

Building Artist Community

Whether you consider yourself an artist, are leading a team of artists, or live in a city with a vibrant arts scene, this session provides a guide to leading and building community with artists. Amena outlines artist needs, how to cultivate inspiration, and how to equip artists to engage community in your organization and beyond.

For Single Women

Having had her fair share of bad dates, break ups, and wasted days waiting on phone calls and text messages, Amena decided to make the most of her Friday night, take her single life and live it on the edge. In this session, Amena discusses how to enjoy your single life and live it to the fullest.

Live Creatively

Being creative is not just for artistic types. Harnessed well, creativity can add a fresh perspective to any area of life. Using crayons, magazine cutouts and collage, Amena facilitates an experiential session, where live creatively is not just a concept but a place to put action to your creativity.

Words Teenage Girls Should Carry

In this session targeted to high school girls, Amena communicates the words that can help guide girls through their teen years and into womanhood through scripture, comedy, and personal anecdote. Amena shares her story of remaining abstinent until marriage, as well as discussing the importance of each girl knowing her unique beauty, worth, and value.

Customized Workshops

Amena can also customize workshops on art, writing, singleness, and leadership in the arts for your conference, business, organization, women’s event, or college event.