How To Fix A Broken Record Podcast Episode 7: Home featuring Dr. Una Mulale

In Part 6 of the book How to Fix a Broken Record, Amena writes about all the ways she searches for and finds home: moving into a house, visiting Africa and returning to her family's roots.

In this episode, Amena interviews Dr. Una Mulale, who Amena wrote about in the book as she talks about her first trip with Una to Una's home country, Botswana. Amena and Una talk about making home wherever you are and the things Africa has taught them both.


About Una

Dr. Una Mulale grew up in the small southern African country of Botswana. Raised by a mother who never completed elementary school, and a father who went against tradition to educate his girls, she is now a Pediatric Critical Care specialist who has practiced around the world. She returned to Botswana in 2016 to develop Pediatric critical care services, and she remains the only Pediatric Critical Care specialist in the country. She has a long standing vision to pioneer new standards of excellence in healthcare in Botswana in Botswana, including establishing a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (she’s doing it now!) and the building the first children's hospital (both of which currently do not exist in Botswana).

To check out more of the amazing work Dr. Una Mulale is doing in Botswana, follow @theunamulalestory on Instagram.

Released December 4, 2017.

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